In February we have travelled from Tarifa in Spain to Foz Do Arelho in Portugal. We stopped in Jerez De La Frontera for a visit at Realescuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre, and I got a press accreditation for taking pictures at the horseshow for an article in a Norwegian travel magazine. Photography is normally prohibited at the show, so I can’t use the images for stock. Anyway, we had a great experience, and I can use some of the images for the article.

We also made a visit to bodega and winery Tio Pepe. The bodega is well known for their sherrys and brandy. No restrictions for photography, but lack of light in the wine cellars made it difficult to get images of high quality. However, I uploaded all of them to Getty Images. Surprisingly most of them got rejected for a totally different reason than noise from high ISO, reason for rejections were lack of property release. All of the images was marked as editorials, and in advanced I had made a small research that Getty accepted images from this location. And yes, there where several other contributors that had uploaded images from the same location, so I was pretty sure that all would work out well. I could probably made a complaint about the rejections, but I just decided to upload to some other stock agencies, and they were all accepted.

Doing just travel and landscape photography can be difficult trying to generate some sales at the different stock agencies. I decided to do some concept images with snuff. I made som images, and had a sale within the first hour after upload to Shutterstock, and it kept on selling. In February I had six sales with the same image, and the winner is:

Since the image was pretty successful, I decided to do more of the same concept, and I uploaded the images exclusively to Getty Images. Since the statements from Getty is the 20’th every month, I still don’t have a clue how the images are doing. I will com back with a report as soon as I know.