The salinas of Sicily – a jpeg study

I always have this struggle with myself wether I should shoot RAW or jpeg. Since I’m a Fuji X camera user the jpegs always looks really great. So, my problem is that I decide to shoot jpeg, most of the images looks great, but I the ones where I miss the correct exposure is difficult to “save”, and after a short while I go back to shooting RAW.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with different settings, and the Fuji X cameras make great jpegs, so good that it’s difficult to get the same look processing the RAW files in Lightroom. Another big benefit from shooting jpegs is the workflow, less adjustments to make the images look good. So, again I will try to force myself shooting the great filmsimulations available in my X cameras, and post my images more or less sooc.

Getting inspired – Kodachrome

A couple of days ago I saw the film “Kodachrome” and Steve McCurrys documentary about shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. 36 frames to be shot, and every frame had to be planned down to the smallest detail. Nowadays when we shoot using our digital cameras we don’t have any limitations of how many frames we can shoot to get it right. If we shoot 50 frames of the same subject, we are pretty much sure that at least one of the frames are good. If you only have 36 frames, you can’t screw up. If you take a portrait you must be sure that the person is not blinking their eyes, the light must be right, the exposure settings in your camera has to be correct (theres is not a screen you can look at for “tuning in”), and there is no ISO to bump up if the light is to low. The only option you have is aperture and shutter.

When we look at what Steve McCurry and other photographer was able to do with their analogue cameras I am impressed, and I’m getting inspired. When I first started out with my photography back in the early 80’s, the digital era had not arrived yet. So yes, I have been shooting a lot using analog film. I also worked a lot in the darkroom developing my own film and images, but only black and white. I never got into working with colors in the darkroom.

Well, there is not possible to shoot analog Kodachrome film anymore since they stopped producing it in 2009, but there are some options to simulate the look in Lightroom. All the images is shot with my old Fuji X100s, and developed in Ligthroom CC.

A different perspective

Last year I bought a drone, a Mavic Pro Platinium. The idea was to use it for video on our trips around Europe. Flying a drone is new to me, and I have a lot to learn. I discovered a couple of groups using their drones for landscape photography, and I decided to give it a try. I discovered that it’s possible to make really interesting compositions, and I will try to use my drone much more often. I guess that training will make me better flying the drone, and when I feel safe flying it I can start looking for more interesting locations and landscapes. Below is a testimage from today, nothing special maybe, but I had a lot of fun.

More to come 🙂

Music and poetry

Once a month we have something called “Music and Poetry” in our local library here in my hometown Sandefjord. It’s like an open microphone for everyone that would like to perform and show their talent.


When I started kitesurfing, my wife Tone wanted to also have some kind of water activity. After watching me getting beaten up in the waves learning kiteboarding, she decided to go for something more “quiet”.

She went for SUP, Stand Up Paddleboard. SUP is a really great activity, it’s good exercise.