I know, this battle will never end. All photographers has different preferences when it comes to shooting Raw or Jpeg. I wrote a blogpost about the topic earlier, but again I have some thoughts around the topic. Just to be clear, my only cameras is Fuji-X, and at the moment my main camera is the X-T3.

Always Raw+jpeg

In the Fuji X-T3 we have two cardslots. I always shoot Raw to card 1, and Jpeg to card 2. I don’t know why, but I also like to have the Jpeg version of the file, the version that’s been processed inside my camera with the filmsimulation and settings I have configured. In normal shootingconditions those jpeg’s is so damn good, and it’s nearly impossible to get the same result editing the Rawfile in LR or C1, the camera does the job much better generating the Jpeg. Most of the times it does not even need any further adjustments in any editing software. For me that’s a big timesaver, time I can use shooting images instead of editing in front of a screen.

Professionals shoot Raw!

Do they? I’m not so sure about that. I follow a lot of professional photographers, and some of the shoot 90% of their images in Jpeg. The argument is that it’s more like shooting film, you need to get it more or less right when you take the picture. That being said, there are room for pretty heavy editing on a Fuji jpeg file, so it’s possible to correct within a certain limit, but of course not as much as if you edit a Rawfile. If you google the Raw vs. Jpeg you will find a lot of information, and you will probably end up confused about the discussions.

Fuji-X jpeg files

There is no doubt, the Jpeg files coming from the Fuji-X system is excelent, and Fuji put down a lot of work to how the cameras can be configured with all the different filmsimulations and settings to be able to create stunning Jpeg’s straight out of the camera. Why are they doing this? If all professionals shoot Raw, this must be a waste of time and money? The fact is that it’s nearly impossible to get the same look editing a Rawfile using the camera profiles in Lightroom or Capture 1, the camera generated Jpeg will always look better. Arrest me if I’m wrong, but is it so that all the users of Fuji-X cameras is amateurs? I don’t see the point in all the tweaks we can do in the camera if we only use the Rawfiles, and then afterwords try to get about the same look in our editing software. One argument is of course that you get the preview of the image on the LCD screen, and you can decide how you will try to edit the image in post. I don’t know, it’s just my thoughts.