Like most photographers, I have a lot of photographic equipment. In recent years I have reduced the amount to only what I think I need. All studio equipment is sold, the only thing I have retained some cameras and some simple lighting equipment.

In street photography, it is mostly fixed focal lengths. The most commonly used are 23, 35 and 50 mm. Personally, I think 23mm is a little to wide for my style of shooting, but that is of course a personal preference. My main camera for satreephoto is the Fuji X100s. This camera Approx 35 mm converted to full frame.

What I really like about this camera for working in the streets is the image quality and size. For my style of shooting the camera is also fast enough. Yes, I know, I should maybe upgraded to the X100T, but I felt that the only benefit i did get from that was one more Film simulation, a little faster autofocus and the WiFi. I actually did not need anything of that. I will wait to the next generation of this camera, maybe the X200, or whatever will be the next camera in this series.

I did a complete system change from Nikon to Fuji in October 2013. I travel a lot, and I wanted something smaller than my pro Nikon gear. I tested out some X cameras, and I was in love!