I had a couple of very interesting incidents lately with the Shutterstock quality control. From what I understand Shutterstock need to use AI for the quality control of uploaded images. I suspect that the system can’t see the difference between sand, water and noise. I uploaded a batch of 9 images, 4 of them was rejected because of noise, artifacts or grain.

I could not understand the rejections, the images was from the same shoot. Same ISO, same settings, and the camera was on a tripod. I did a search, and ended up at Alex Rotenberg’s Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock. I saw that I was not the only person having problem with rejections for no reason. So, the tip was just to resubmit the images, and the second time the images was accepted.

It’s not a big deal, but it is frustrating when you know the quality is good, but the automated system fails. It will slow you down, it you need to spend more time on resubmit images that should have been accepted in the first place. Anyway, i hope the AI will improve in the future….

Examples below:

Resubmitted 2 minutes later: 

The same went for all 4 images. Hope Shutterstock will look into this.