Ahh, it’s Friday. I had a pretty busy week, and I have delivered 58 new images to Getty. In addition I have been working on getting a good workflow with Capture One, and now after processing a large number of files I feel that my editing speed is close to what I had in Lightroom. I’m also stunned about the quality i get from my Fuji X files. So, still excited about C1.

Consept images

Brexit has been the big thing for stock photographers for a while, and I have produced some stockphotos using brexit as a theme:

I know that both Poland and Spain mentioned leaving the European Union, and i did a small search for “spexit” images. There are a few, but I decided to make two “Concept of Spexit” images. Both accepted by Getty Images:

The really big thing in the news at the moment is he Corona Virus, so I’m also planning to make some consept images with that topic. So, did I take any “normal” images this week? The answer is yes. I went for a trip photographing wind turbines, alternativ green energy is also a hot topic these days. I’m not so sure how green the energy coming from wind turbines is, but it’s a popular topic.

Stock agencies also looking for images of happy seniors, so I did a shoot on the beach. Here in Tarifa they call it the silver generations, or silver surfers.

So, to conclude the week, It’s been really good. I’m also very pleased with my acceptance rate @ Getty, for the last 90 days it’s 86%, not to bad 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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