In 2014 my wife and I visited a photo gallery in Barcelona, and I was very fascinated from the images in the gallery. It was some kind of “multilayered” technique used, and the look and feel from the images really fascinated me. As a PS geek I could clearly se how the images were made, stacking the same images a numerous times on top of each other, twisted and moved using different blendmodes.  We rushed back to the hotel where I had my laptop, and I started to experiment with an image.

My first attempt became “UPSIDE DOWN”

“TWIST” Made from elements in Barcelona

“HARBOUR REFLECTIONS” From the harbour of Tromsø in northern Norway

“STREETS OF BARCELONA” As the title says, a street in Barcelona

I really had a lot of fun making the first image “UPSIDE DOWN”, and this was something new. I could not do analyse excactly how the images in the gallery was made, but I was able to find my own way of creating abstract images with my own touch. My idea was to mix the chaos with som sharp elements in the image.
I developed the technique further, and late 2014 I had an exibition in my hometown Sandefjord showing 20 of my abstract images.

I developed my technique further, and moved in to a different style based on the same idea, stacking images from the same exposure, just repeating the same image over and over again with different blendmodes until I got the look I was happy with. I also did a lot of masking too get som parts of the image in focus. The result became  the style I called “Urban Frequency”





So, to the interesting part. I started using this technique back in 2014, and after 2014 I have seen many other photographers working the same way. The funny part is that many of those photographers win prizes in worldwide competitions, they get “honor and glory”, and the images can be found in many top galleries around the world. So, I guess….. I was maybe to early, or not patient enough 🙂

Some links to award winning photographers with the same technique:

– Alessio Trerotoli (Italy)
– Lars Andreas Dybvik (Norway)
– Stephanie Young (Germany)