A while ago I made a profile at the site “Pixabay“. I was told by a friend that this site would be really good for promoting my images, and in addition the donationsystem “buy a coffee” to the photographer could make me some good money. I thought this was a good idea, and uploaded som of my images to the site.

Pixabay is a site where people can download free stockimages. If the downloader is happy with the image, it’s possible to donate a cup of coffee as a “thank you” to the photographer. I uploaded 11 images just for a test to see how many cups of coffee i could get over a period of time every time someone downloaded one of my images.

My hope was that I could make some small money if someone used any of my images on commercial websites. When I first started at Pixabay the minimum value for donation was $ 1.00. I guess that this now has changed, and the minimum value is $ 5.00

So, how did it go?

Not so good! So far I have 5.400 downloads, and my total income is US $ 1.00. The most downloaded image is downloaded 2.015 times per. nov. 22, 2019. When a do a search, i find the image used on several hundred websites, also commercial ones. The image was made in our kitchen when my wife took a applepai out of the oven.

Another image I took of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbabo is used on a lot of commercial travel sites. It has 750 downloads, but no coffee for the photographer.

I will show one more image. The image is a manipulation I did after visiting Mont St. Michel in France. I had an idea how the building/island would look like under the surface. This was a pretty complexed and timeconsuming manipulation to make, and I was hoping that downloaders of the image would buy me a cup or two of coffee for my hard work. 10 months later, and after 290 downloads my hope is gone. I will not get my coffee for this image either. Just for fun I made a search, and the image has been used for a book cover, a CD cover ++. All of this is commercial use.

My conclusion…

Pixabay is just a place for photographers to upload and show their work. I have been reading in the forums of the site that some make money on their images, but for me it’s only been $ 1.00 for 5.400 downloads. Also be aware of that your images will stay there, free forever. It’s not possible to delete images if they has been there for more than 10 days, and they have downloads. If you would like to se the rest of my images at Pixabay, you can find them here: https://pixabay.com/users/finn-b-4512347/