I follow the blog Backyard Silver of photographer Steve Heap, a photographer focusing on stock photography. I have been uploading stockimages for many years, but Mr. Heaps blog has really been an eyeopener. The way we live at the moment as digital nomads and constant travellers, it’s difficult to serve my customers back in Norway. I have been looking for alternative ways to make some income from my photography, and of course stock photography is one of them. The title of this blogpost is about Fine Art America, another way to reach possible customers.

Fine Art America

So what is FAA? FAA is a “print on demand” service. Photographers can make an account for uploading images that they think may be of interest for possible buyers. FAA take care of selling and printing, and the photographer gets payed. How much the photographer gets payed depend of course of how much the image is sold for. FAA offer all kinds of printsizes and materials. With a premium account customers can also buy all kinds of stuff with your print on it. Phone cases, coffeemugs, towels, pillows etc. etc.

I applied for an account back in 2014, but I never uploaded any images to it. After reading Mr. Heaps blog, I noticed that he have som income from his images there. Again, like stock photography, I think regular income will come from a relatively big portfolio of high quality images. However, I have a lot of images that will be nice as wall art, at least in my opinion 🙂

My Plan

Is to upload images I think will work, build a solid portfolio of images. I will do some updates for my followers along the way. If you would like to take a look at my portfolio so far, you can find it here: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/finnbjurvoll-hansen

My latest additions: