I recently did one more of my jpeg studys in the post from Salinas in Sicily. I’ve been on and off if I should shoot jpg or RAW, and I’ve been experimenting a lot with the two filetypes. Since I mostly shoot for stock, I thought it would be a good idea to shoot jpeg. I also use Fuji X cameras known for their superb jpg quality. Normally I shoot RAW, and I have been doing that for nearly 10 years. The problem is that RAW files takes up so much space, and my cameras produce 50 mb files. It would be nice to have smaller files with good quality, but my conclusion is that I will stick to shooting RAW.

My decision came after an evening walk at the beach tonight. The light was incredible, and I tried to get most of it right in the camera. Correct exposure, no blown out highlights, definition in the shadows etc. I used all the possibilities I had to adjust these settings in camera. What I noticed was my wife’s hair! She has a “silver” color to her hair, and something strange happened. My X-T20 could not figure out this color when I shot the image in jpg. I got some wierd highlights that was impossible to fix. In RAW it was no problem whatsoever. Take a look at the blownout “stripes” in the image below:

Everything else in this image worked out well, except from the hair. Small problems like this is very annoying and frustrating. Like I said, I shoot mostly for stock, and I want my images to be as good as possible.

So…. I’m going to forget my thoughts about shooting jpg’s once and for all. Nowadays hard drives are so cheap, so space will be no limitation anyway. So, #ishootstock in RAW.
Have a nice one… Finn-b