A day in Rome


All images on this site are only sold in digital downloadable format. You can choose the size of the download file based on your needs.

Available options for artwork:

Please read in the description below the image why I offer only digital downloads, and the file you should buy for your need.

a) Digital file 1280 x 1280 px, 72 dpi. (For digital platforms)
b) Digital file 2048 x 2048 px, 300 dpi (for prints)
c) Digital file 5000 x 5000 px, 300 dpi (for prints)
d) Unlimited prints and resale 5000 x 5000 px, 300 dpi

All files is delivered i jpg sRGB format.
Instant download after your purchase!

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Why only digital downloads?

I will not decide what size or what medium the customer wants. To make it as easy as possible, both for the customer and myself, I offer the digital file in different sizes dependent on the use. If you only need the file for digital platforms, you can use the smallest size, 1280 x 1280 px 72dpi file. This file will not be useable for producing prints, but will look perfect on computer, pad and phonescreens.

If you are going to make a print…

Then you need to go for one of the two other options, and again that is dependent on the size you would lik to print. Both files are suitable for print on all types of media, fin art paper, canvas, metal, acrylic -that is up to you. You can make as many prints as you want, but you can not resell the digital file or the printed product.

File b) 2048 x 2048 px, 300 dpi for prints up to 40 x 40 cm.
File c) 5000 x 5000 px, 300 dpi for prints up to 120 x 120 cm.



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