My first Fuji was the X100s, and shortly after i got the X-Pro1 and the XF 35 f/1.4 lens. A fell in love with the image quality, but not so impressed with the slow focus, slow writing to the SD card etc. The camera felt like a dinosaur, but the images looked great! Several¬†firmwares later, the speed is no longer a issue for me, I have learned to “use” the camera, and it has become my¬†favourite Fuji X camera.

I’m like all Fuji addicts, I buy every new model (except medium format), but there is something about the image quality that draws me back to the X-Pro1. The images has a kind of undefined appealing look, and that look is impossible to replicate using newer sensors from Fuji. Not sure what it is, but I like it a lot, I like so much that I even bought one more XP1.

One of the biggest issues with the X-Pro1 is the autofocus. With all the firmware upgrades it has become much faster than the originally version, but it’s still very slow compared to newer Fuji X models. However, my style of shooting is not depending on fast autofocus, and I also use the manual focus a lot. As I said, it’s a learning curve how to shoot with the X-Pro1. I’m still in love, and I use them for a lot of my commercial work, weddings, portraits, documentary etc.

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