I know a few photographers with the ability to take images of “nothing”, and make the images look smashing! I´m really impressed, and I love to study how they use angles, crops, moods and composition to make something uninteresting become very interesting. I´t doesn’t matter what genre of photography you´re in, what makes one image more striking than another?

Is it the scenery? We can identify us with a beautiful sunset, or a landscape. Those kinds of images are pleasing to the eye, of course we like them. However, the internet is flooded with images like this! Is i possible to see beauty in a cup of coffee standing on a table? Or maybe a corner of laptopkeyboard and a hard drive?

I think why not? Those are things we see every day, and so is landscapes and sunsets. Is it the feeling of actually “be in the picture” that makes landscapes and sunsets more interesting. I´m searching for something deeper, trying to understand the meaning of what I am doing. Why do I find a detail shot of a USB stick interesting, or a cup of coffee?

Is it because my hunger of analyzing? I see the mug of coffee and I think -how many humans, steps and processes made it possible for me to enjoy this mug of dark bitter liquid? The mug itself is probably made in some pottery or porcelain factory, gone through many steps before it came out of the oven as the final product. The coffee is made in India, Indian farmers have been looking after the coffee plant to make sure that the coffee beans will turn out tasteful and high quality. The beans are harvested, dried, burned, packed and exported -they are distributed, and then ends up in the store where I can buy them. Next is preparing the the coffee, I wonder how many people were involved in design and production of my high quality coffeemaker? The list goes on….

With this in mind, I really find the mug of coffee interesting and beautiful…….


And…. it’s raining……..