My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer early 2015. Of course it was a chock when we received the message. I felt anger and frustration. It was nothing I could do. We started to make images together. All the situations we went through as a couple. The result became “Voyage”.



The image illustrates how I felt when I received the message. Item Stabit, knocked to the ground.


Falling illustrates the fear of losing my wife after the message from the hospital that she had cancer.


Cancer surgery. Waiting, 11 hours in the waiting room. No information given. Wife taken care of by health personal, time is running. Unanswered questions.


Surgery done! Soon she is starting hear chemo and radiation treatment. So far 2015 has been a bumpy track. But… it looks better in the future. We just follow the track and hope for the best.


Even when you have a serious and dangerous health condition, it´s possible to decide how your daily life will be. Witch cabin are the best on to live in? All of the have names, it´s up to us. “Happiness”, “Misery”, “Salvation” or “Peace”.


The doctors may have found more tumors! Everything is a mess, bad communication between different doctors and laboratories. Four failed biopsies, but still they see that something is not right! Confusion!


Our “Regular” hostpital don´t have the best equipment for accurate biopsies. My wife was sent to a hostpital specializing on cancer treatment. My wife said, Finn.. I feel so damn small, yes… we are small people in a big health system!


After being at several hospitals for new biopsies the health personal found more tumors. We felt like bricks in a game. We needed to start all over again, new surgery etc. The card say “Logistic problems, please return to start”


“Ups and Downs” Life is journey. Ups and downs. Some days are great, other days are not so great!


Treatment is over! Life is good!

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