Hmmm, now I´m really confused. I just uploaded a batch of files to Getty Images from a visit at Tio Pepe Bodega in Jerez De La Frontera. I did a quick search on Gettys page to see if it was ok to upload these type of images, and sure, there where images in Gettys catalog from other photographers inside the bodegas of Tio Pepe, images with casks, barrels and winecellars. All the existing images was marked as editorials, so I also marked all the images in the batch as editorials just to be sure. I spent 4 hours with names, descriptions and keywords, and uploaded a batch with 29 images.

Rejection, rejection, rejection

Here´s the really strange part. All the images taken of the buildings from the outside was accepted, and the building exteriors are very much recognizable. But marked as editorials this is normally perfectly fine. But… here it comes, the images from inside the winecellars, where it’s difficult to recognize anything were rejected, even marked as editorial??? This gives no meaning at all. Here are some examples:

Exterior from the Bodega of Tio Pepe and Gonzalez Byass – Image accepted as editorial

And then a rejection from the same shoot (there are several images on Getty with the same motif and from the same location accepted as editorial. So why do Getty accept this from some commercial contributors, and then reject same type of images from others??:

The same building as the image above, marked as editorial, but now i suddendly need a property release??

Ok,  don’t buy the need for a property release on this one, so I guess maybe Getty are now using AI for their quality control? Machines taking care of the review? The next image may prove that this is the case, Getty Images is asking for a property release on this image, reason, RECOGNIZABLE PROPERTY, REJECTED!!—-WTF!!!:

I don’t see any recognizable property in this image, do you? If you do, please comment below. If it is a human reviewer, I guess he/she must have been drinking whats in the glasses before reviewing the image

So, dear fellow Getty Contributors, be sure to get a property release before you shoot an image of your coffee cup on a table, and nothing else is visible or recognizable…. just to be shure. So, just as an experiment I also uploaded the images to Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Alamy.

As soon as I have recived the reviews I will do a follow up post with result.

Have a good one….